Sunday, December 18, 2005

Don't make trouble

A few months after I came to Japan, I went to a real estate office with my Japanese friend. She was acting as a translator. This was in Ginza which is a city where all of the high society is Japan like to go. The people there are the most educated in Japan.

The reason I point outh that the place was Ginza is that often if I tell a true story about a mishap Japan to my Japanese friends, they instead of facing the truth, will lie, like the fucking liars that they are, and they will try to blame the mishap on the people in the particular area. For example, if something bad were to happen to me in a downtown area like Kinshicho, then they will lie like the lying liars that they and they will say "well, Kinshicho people.....".

But this was Ginza which is representative of Japanese society at large. And since very few people actually live in Ginza, these are people which come from all over. A true representation of the Japanese people.

We went in and started to talk. The guy said I needed a Japanese co-signer. Even the richest, and most upstanding foreigner, could never be considered human enough to vouch for me financially.

Even when I said that I COULD get a co-signature from my company, they said they still had to check with each induvidual landlords to see if they "accept gaijin".

I was so shocked and amazed that in this country, which claims to be part of the civilized world, that such a thing could be legal.

I then realized that Japanese people are racist pigs. And this is why I believe that America should not do business with a country with such substandard, backwards, and evil, and self serving laws regarding human rights.

Why should these pigs who have benefitted greatly from leeching off of the US, stealing ideas, accepting foreign investment capital, be able to discriminate against me. Furthermore, I have never, before entering this country met human beings who would so shamelessly treat someone that way. Of course I am not the only one. There are millions of foreigners here and they are all being shit on in the same way be these fuckers.

Can you imagine? The Japanese prepared for twenty years for WWII, brainwashing, training, creating supply lines for scrap metal etc. Then they sneak attacked Pearl Harbor after just offering a "gift of peace" days earlier. The US, with God's help, defeated the evil regime that enslaved their own people, raped women in the streets of China, made sex slaves out of Korean women, torture American soldiers, march soldiers unitl they died, denied their own women the right ot vote and oppressed them socially and treated them like shit. And they STILL have the audacity to deny me basic shelter. And I came here to help these people!!!

First my fucking liar Japanese student tried to cover up the fact that their evil system was bad by saying "well, maybe you misunderstood him, he can't speak English".

No, you Japanese liar, I had a translator there who spoke both languages fluently.

The next lie that is common for the Japanese to tell is "oh, you know, Japanese are afraid of foreigners". This lie is often told because it is easy for foreigners to believe. But, if you live in Japan a while and notice the number of times you are actually approached by, treated rudely by, or even attacked by, the Japanese, you will know that this is a lie. (I will illustrate this point in detail later).

Another lie told by these people is that they are very "shy". There is a gang rape club at every major university. Shy people don't cruelly rape women in front of their buddies.

I told one student this story about being discriminated against by the evil Japanese. And he said to me "yes, I can understand that, I don't really want to live next to a gaijin" (note he said the word gaijin directly to my face).

I looked at the guy with amazment and said "well, you sure don't mind doing business with us do you?" I was trying to point out his hypocrisy. He understood what I was trying to point out and I was waiting for his reaction of shame but, he kind of looked at me coldly as if to say "yeah, I am a dick, but there is nothing you can do about it so I don't care".

As I have said in other posts here. The Japanese do not have an inner sense of decency but instead only do the right thing to avoid punishment, or to save embarassment. They do not have the ability to empathize wtih another person, because this is something which requires a higher level of mental maturity and cognitive ability than Japanese possess. For example, the Japanese, generally speaking, do not feel terrible about all of the suffering they cause during WWII, but are instead simply mad because they lost the war. They were embarassed before the world. That is the only thing they hate. The whole time I was in Japan I never heard one word of remorse come out of any Japaneses mouth. Yet, they hypocritically expect Americans to feel remorse over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why? They attacked us first. America had to save the world from those evil pricks. Otherwise they would have raped everybody the same way as they did in China.

Bizarre case of 18-year-old girl confined at home

You read about this kind of thing a lot in Japan. The strong victimizing the weak. This is because the Japanese are incapable of empathy. Whether it be the Shogun enslaving the people with threat of violence, men bullying the women, packs of men gang raping women, the Yakuza pressuring women in prostitution, or parents beating their kids, 98 % of Japanese controlling and ganging up on 2 % of foreigners, the Japanese are incapable of human compassion, and feel no obligation to be decent or fair.

Oh sure, recently their are people joining volunteer organizations. But, they are just mimicking Americans. And the thing about the Japanese is, they always think they have to SHOW everybody that they are doing something by wearing a wristband or jacket.

It is because famous American idols like Bono and Brad Pitt are doing volunteer work, the Japanese stars like Nakata are seen in similar ads so they can borrow from the cool of the real people with compassion. But, not many would argue that if Americans were not volunteering, the Japanese would NOT EVEN BE PRETENDING to volunteer. The Japanese are simply doing it as a fashion statement. And they are stealing ideas from America just like they have always done. Weak and pathetic. If I were that shallow I would just kill myself and and at least have the decency to stop wasting the oxygen that should be reserved for real men.

Bizarre case of 18-year-old girl confined at home

Earlier this month, it was revealed that an 18-year-old disabled girl had been virtually imprisoned at home since childhood by her 40-year-old mother in Fukuoka Prefecture.
The daughter was placed under protective custody on Nov 1 when she was found wandering around a park barefoot in Fukuoka's Hakata Ward. She had managed to run away from her home on Oct 28 after her mother had beaten her, the police said.
A woman, who found her in the park, took her to a convenience store. A store clerk told the media that he could not tell whether the child was a girl or a boy at first.
"Just by looking at her height, I assumed she was in first or second grade," the store clerk said. "The woman who found her in the park gave her some food and drinks while they waited for the police to arrive. I was surprised to learn later that she was 18 years old."
In fact, the girl was only 120 cm tall and weighed less than 30 kg. She had never attended school in her life. She could speak slowly and was capable of writing her name in kanji, but was unable to read and write complicated kanji. She was incapable of doing math. Her life, it seems, has been nothing but miserable to say the least.
She was the youngest daughter in the family of five. She had a brother and a sister who attended school like every other kid, and are currently living on their own.
"She could never get accustomed to day care," said her mother, now under arrest. After a brief stint at a child care center, the mother told police she was ashamed of her daughter's disability and decided early on not to send her to school.
The girl was not allowed to go outside and was forbidden to watch TV. The mother occasionally kicked her back and punched her in the face. The confinement only surfaced on Oct 28 this year when the girl escaped her home due to the overwhelming fear she had accumulated from her violent mother over the years. However, the mother was only indicted on a charge of inflicting injuries on the daughter and fined 100,000 yen at a local summary court.
The neighbors all assumed that they were a family of four, not five. The family seemed ordinary, according to them. However, when this news surfaced, there were things that were seen to be out of the ordinary in hindsight.
"Aside from the girl, whose existence I was never aware of, I never saw much of the mother either," said one neighbor. "I knew there were kids, but the kitchen was always dark, even around dinner time and I never heard a conversation or even a noise coming out of their home. I just thought they were really quiet, but come to think of it now, it was strange."
The father was known to be polite and conversational among the neighbors. But many of the neighbors remember him being by himself at community events.
Aside from the family, the city's board of education was also aware of the girl's existence. A representative from the school, which she was supposed to have attended, paid a visit monthly only to be turned away by the mother during a nine-year period. The lack of effort by the school and the board of education raises another concern; they were incapable of seeing the girl's living conditions.
"We didn't find the mother hysterical or mentally ill. But we should have done more to improve the situation," said a spokesperson for the board of education. This is a poor excuse, considering how much of the girl's life has now been wasted.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This guy was black...

so somehow it legitimizes the authenticity of the racism due to the influence of popular media on peoples thinking. But, discrimination in Japan happens to all non-Japanese with the full blessing of the Japanese government.

And you know, I have a few Japanese guys whom I call "friend". These guys have treated me with kindness and respect and fairness that is hard to find anywhere.

But, sometimes I wonder if they are truly my friends if they have not complained to their government about the discrimination against foreigners. Or, maybe they are just gutless cowards.

African-American sues optical shop operator for being denied entry

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 07:16 JST
OSAKA — An American living in Kyoto Prefecture filed a damages suit Monday saying he was denied entry to an optical shop in Osaka because he is black.

The 40-year-old American, a designer living in the town of Seika, is seeking 1.5 million yen in the suit filed with the Osaka District Court.

According to the suit, the operator of the shop shouted to him in Japanese when he was about to enter the premises with his non-Japanese friend, "Get out. I hate black people."

The operator used the word "kokujin," or black people, when denying the man entry, the suit says, adding that the man at first did not understand the meaning of the term.

The man later returned to the shop with his Japanese wife to ask why he was denied entry. The operator said he had received a phone call from someone saying they were not able to enter the premises because "two strange people" were in front of the shop, according to the lawsuit.

The man said he has suffered mental anguish as a result of malicious racial discrimination.

The man's lawyer said the operator has denied the allegation against him. (Kyodo News)

This kind of thing...

is tough to read about but it is better to read about it than not. Before western eyes started peering into this den of snakes known as Japan, this story would have remained one of Japan's dirty little secrets and nothing would have been done to improve the situation. But, since Japan lost the war that they started, now they are forced to compare themselves to the civilized world. Oftentimes this comes as an unfavorable comparison. The Japanese feel ashamed of their miserable selves when they compare themselves to humans, and so they pretend to be taking action. This action often comes in the form of brainstorming to try to figure out a way to blame foreigners for their social ills. This requires only a fraction of the brainpower and intestinal fortitude that it would take to actually solve the problem.

No, solving Japan's problems usually doesn't happen at all, until the adults in America step in and tell them what to do. The US has to burp Japan and change Japan's diapers, and then listen to Japan complain that they are interfering too much.

Woman locked teenage daughter at home for 10 years
FUKUOKA -- A woman under arrest for inflicting bodily injury on her daughter locked the teenage girl in their home here for more than 10 years until late October, preventing the victim from attending school, it was learned Tuesday.

The municipal board of education and the school the girl was enrolled in were aware that she had been absent from school, and officials and teachers occasionally visited her home in a bid to persuade her to attend school. However, they failed to take any particular action to fundamentally solve the problem.

The girl's 40-year-old mother hit her on the afternoon of Oct. 28 for watching television without permission, leaving her with bodily injuries. The girl, now 18, escaped from her home in Hakata-ku, and was living at parks until she was rescued by police on Nov. 1. The girl suffered wounds that took 10 days to heal and is now hospitalized for a medical check-up.

Her mother is under arrest for inflicting bodily injury.

When the girl was 9 years old, the Fukuoka Municipal Board of Education instructed the elementary school she was enrolled in to persuade the girl to attend school.

Her homeroom teacher and the principal of the school began to regularly visit her home when she was a sixth-grader. Each time, however, her mother told them that she was staying at a relative's home and prevented them from meeting her.

The school and the board did not know anything about the girl's health condition and her daily life.

When teachers at the school asked the girl's brother and sister about her, they refused to reply, officials said.

In September 2001, officials from the board, the school and the municipal child guidance center consulted over how to respond to the situation. They then chose to continue to visit her home without notifying police on the grounds that they would be charged with trespassing if they forcibly entered her home. Through these visits they were able to contact her mother.

The board of education is poised to take action to integrate the girl into society.

"Because she never left home, I don't think the neighbors even knew she existed. We'll consult with the child guidance center to determine measures to respond to the problem, such as choosing a home for her," Hiroki Tokunaga, head of the board's school affairs division, said. (Mainichi)

Click here for the original Japanese story
December 6, 2005

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The reason that Japanese English is the worst in Asia

I teach for one company which provides a service for students traveling abroad outside of Japan. I assume that they provide this service for anyone. If it were that they only provided this service for Japanese then this would prove that Japanese are racists. But, anyone who knows about the Japanese knows they are racists anyway so it goes without saying.

Now this place I work has hundreds of photos, maps, videos, flags etc of foreign countries. This is designed to create an "international" atmosphere. The place has a big, wide open feeling which gives an open feeling. This is created to try to created a kind of taste of other countries, which are not narrow minded, control freak, boring, robotic, unfriendly idiots like the Japanese. It is trying to create the mood of America, Australia, or other free countries.

On the wall it shows photos of cute Japanese girls with their blond haired, blue eyed, foreign female friend (there are no photos of foreign men with cute Japanese girls because there are Japanese men who are customers and are on the staff, and since this is their biggest fear, this would not be a good selling point).

All of this is designed to sell an idea but it is, like a lot of things Japanese, pure hypocrisy.

Today, because of the open feeling of the place, a couple of caucasian foreigner strolled through. They walked over to the window and took a few photos of the 4o something story view. Granted they were in a private business, but I walk in and out of private businesses every day, convenience stores, gas stations, electronics shops etc.

And, in every country except communist Japan, I am free to roam around, stop, daydream, scratch my nose, whatever. But, in shit racist Japan, foreigners, particularly caucasian ones are watched carefully and are expected to walk from point A to point B and take care of their business. A foreigner must make it very obvious what they are doing or otherwise the racist Japanese will first, call for reenforcments and then approach the foreigner and ask him or her what he is doing. They think they have the right to do this because they believe themselves the self appointed social police of Japan. the Japanese believe we are stupid criminals who are less than them. They want to control us mainly so they do not have to compete with us on an equal footing. Because on an equal footing, be it a mental contest or physical, the Japanese will lose, and the Japanese will never bravely attemp a contest unless he has absolutley an overwhelming chance of winning. This is because they are cowards. For this reason, foreigners were not allowed to fight in Japanese fighting competitions for many years. Even though there are many huge Japanese out there who would have been able to fight in the same wieght category as foreigners.

They still were too cowardly and didn't want to suffer even one loss to the gaijin that they hate, and believe they are superior to.

Ok back to my story about the people who walk into the company. Judging from the color of their skin, the staff figured they were not a potential customer, so one saw them, got all excited and called for reenforcments like cowards. They wanted to make sure that they outnumbered them greatly before even approaching them. This is the cowardly Japanese way. The staff lady walked over and said, like a smartassed bitch, "uuuuuhhhh, can I help you" and then she walked them to the door and politely explained that, as gaijin, they weren't free to come in there.

Here are my problems with that...

1) They were not hurting a damn thing. They were not loud, not doing anything bad, nothing..

If the same situation would have happened in America, or Australia or another normal country they probably would have said "sure, go ahead" as long as they weren't bothering anybody.

2) Why did the staff have to get all excited and start acting stupid, just because they didn't appear to be Japanese. I can't even imagine that in the most remote, white area of upscale suburbia in America, would white people get so excited and act so rude if a Japanese walked in. there are areas in America where it is just whites for hundereds of miles. But this was in the center of Tokyo,there are foreigners everywhere in a business which is designed to promote internationalism. HAHA. These people disgust me.

3) How did they know, just by the color of skin that they should leave. Just because they weren't potential customers? That is no reason. A Japanese person is welcome to walk around the office buildings in the US, and for example, she could just browse around in a shop without buying.

4) After they were kicked out, a Japanese looking man drifted in, nobody asked him any questions and he sat down and started playing on the internet on one of the computers in the open foyer. Was he a customer? Who knows....the staff just walked right by him and didn't ask anything. Maybe he wasn't even a potential customer. But, he was Japanese looking so he was allowed to do what he wanted without anyone being suspicious. Maybe he was a Japanese-Australian, or a Chinese American and had no use for the company's service at all. But, since he was Japanese looking, his actions were presumed innocent.

5) It's a fucking international place!!! They had foreigners in there!! What a perfect way to make the place feel international than to have a few foreigners in there walking around like they are, I dunno, free or something.

I walked over to one of the foreign ladies and said, "these Japanese are freaking out because, actually this is....." and the lady finished my sentence and said "exclusive?" I said "well yeah kind of, it is only for Japanese"

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Never shoot a sitting duck

Back in my country, hunters are allowed to kill animals for food or sport, just as in Japan. Wild ducks are a popular thing to hunt because there is some actual sport in it. The ducks fly and can sometimes even dodge a shotgun blast. We want something that is not too easy because we like a challenge sometimes. After all, basketball wouldn't be a very fun game if the basket were only one foot off of the ground. It would not even be a sport. Or, if I kicked a puppy, I wouldn't feel like any particularly tough guy because I realize that I don't need to be a tough guy to do that.

And in the case of the ducks, firearm technology has given us such an advantage that we could sneek up on some ducks sitting in a pond and blast the hell out of them and they would not even have a chance. This is because ducks cannot dodge shotgun blasts when they are sitting in a pond, perhaps sleeping. If we did shoot sitting ducks then the duck population would rapidly diminish and furthermore, noone would be particularly impressed if you told them you killed a duck. Hence, it is illegal to shoot a sitting duck because it is not sporting.

Similary, it is illegal to go fishing with dynamite. We could easily throw a stick of dynamite into a pond and BOOM hundreds of fish would float to the top. But, this would probably give you more fish than you could eat, and it would destroy the fish population, and it certainly wouldn't prove you to be a good fisherman.

I can see the logic in this. If we have an unfair advantage over someone, it would be shameful to use it.

On the other hand, years ago, I observed my small dog with a kitten in his mouth. He wallowed the kitten who was much smaller and too weak to even stand, let alone fight. He ruthlessly flipped the kitten in the air. His tiny dog brain had not the cognitive capacity to empathise with the kitten. My dog with his tiny brain, could not put himself in the position of the terrified kitten who was being mauled to death. After, he killed kitten, he literally strutted around the yard and growled as if he was saying "look at me, I am a TOUGH dog....did you see what I did to that 3 week old kitten?" Another interesting thing to note, is that my dog was not hungry. He did not eat the kitten, he just killed the kitten to make himself feel like a big dog. If we did the same thing as humans we would, and should be regarded as nothing more than animals.

I feel that the Japanese also, because of their sub-normal intelligence, lack the capacity to empathise. They also, do not understand the idea behind NEVER SHOOT A SITTING DUCK. And they love to do cruel things to helpless people just for their own satisfaction... ie torturing soldiers during the war, playing loud and scary music during a rape just to terrify the victim, and so on.

They often use their unfair advantage to dominate women, mistreat foreigners, gang rape women, abuse children, forcing women into sexual slavery etc...

These people, if given power, WILL abuse it. This is why they should never be allowed to have a seat on the UNSC.

My Chinese Friend

Wrote me an e-mail. Her name will remain confidential. But, I want the world to know her sentiment. I totally understand her feelings.

"I always work late when I work at last company.9-10pm,other time I only want to sleep.
and now I am no so late,but it is late and the volume of my work make my feel tired everyday.After one day work with Jap,I only want to back home soon.even sit here but do nothing,only feel the quiet,quiet air belong to me.I told you an American guy ever worked in this company.he worked at here five years,that pity guy,help this company expand US market and gained a geat benifit for company but he got nothing,maybe I will be same as him.I can feel that.hard and stupit but with bad-mind Jap.America should gave them 5 nuclear-bombs 60 years ago!really!this race is very strange."

Then in another e-mail she wrote:

"I hate the face of Jap"

As you can see, her English is not perfect, but her feelings are clear.

A lot of people really hate the Japanese, not only for what they did during the war, but for the way they treat people today....

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Brave Japanese warrior beheading an Aussie

This photo showing a Japanese beheading an Aussie who was on the cover of LIFE magazine.

When General Norman Schwartzkopf saw this photo as a boy he saw the expressions on the faces of the onlookers and was sickened.

This was one of the factors that influenced him to join the military.

Of course, this type of cowardice is still prevelant in the Japanese society today. The Japanese have no shame about victimizing the helpless.

You know, in war, we have to kill the enemy to protect ourselves and to prevent ourselves from being defeated. And sometimes bad things have to happen in order to attain a higher good. But, there is no higher good here. This is being done for the evil and childish and heartless satisfaction of seeing someone you envy in a powerless situation beneath you. This is about the petty joy that a race of small gets from taking revenge, however cowardly, on that race which makes him feel emasculated by their very presence.

And most of all he can lash out at the characteristic he most despises about this race, the decency and human compassion that he himself can never seem to muster. Nor even understand.

I was denied entry into a pachinko parlor and refused service at a fish shop

After college I didn't just want to get a regular boring job and finish my life there. I wanted to travel, see things, and most importantly I wanted to do some GOOD for the world. I realize that the Japanese people who are reading this could not possibly understand my feeling. They could never imagine why one person could have what we call "human compassion".

But, I sincerely wanted to help people. During college I read for the blind, and have also helped the homeless. I don't want to waste my life just serving myself. If I do, what have I lived for? There is no purpose for my life.

I wanted to put myself where I was most needed. I thought I could travel, help people, and feed myself at the same time if I taught English.

I asked my friend Robert, who was studying to get his master's degree in TESOL, which country has the worst English in the world? He quickly replied "Japan" without hesitation.

Since Japan needed me the most I came to Japan. I expected that I would be met be desperate and grateful people who would be happy to see me. I was suprised to find an arrogant, racist people who despised me out of jealousy and blind hatred.

One day I went into a pachinko parlor and started to buy some balls. A man rushed over and put an X in front of his face and said "gaijin, dame". Dame in Japanese means NO but at the same time means "shame on you". Gaijin means "foreigner", but it literally means "outsider".

Is this the gratitude I get?

When my family members bought me birthday presents, I said "thank you"

not "get out, I think I am too good to sit next to you".

But this is basically what the Japanese said to me after I came here with the intention of helping them with their English.

Another time I went to a fish shop and as I was looking at the pre-cooked dishes that were sitting out for sale. I was shooed away by a man.

I have told some Japanese people about incidences of racism and they usually lie and say some bullshit like "Japanese people are very shy" or "maybe he couldn't speak English".

The reason that the Japanese say such things is that they are liars. They lie because they are too cowardly to accept the truth and deal with the problem. Also, it is because they are too mentally lazy to deal with problems and just prefer to ignore it if it doesn't affect them directly. It is also because they are incredibly selfish. They only think of themselves. If racism doesn't affect them, then they do not care.

Oh boy but let those selfish pricks cry foul if they are mistreated in any way in another country.

Back to the fish shop story....

Oh yeah, so, I tried to believe the Japanese lie about being shy or about English.

Japanese people are fucking liars.

So, I said in Japanese "kore wa ikura desu ka". This means "how much is it?"

I was again shooed away.

Since I wanted to believe my lying Japanese friends, the ones with the low moral character, I decided one more time to verify his intention.

I said "gaijin.......dame?" and I made an X in front of me. He nodded "yes".

It is no wonder that the Japanese are hated by so many.

I was heartbroken by these incidents but I still continued to help the Japanese with their English. I believe a man's character is tested by these incidents and it makes us stronger.

When I go back to the US, a far better country, I will have learned to deal with the lowest form of ingrate.

Here are...

a few more people who have been fucked over by the Japanese.

Chris Snell

Govinda Prasad Mainali

Nick Baker

Amnesty International Says....

Foreigners are denied justice in the Japanese legal system. If you want to read more check out this link.


But, don't forget to come back here to read The Truth About Japan.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Eleven years' jail for keeping girl prisoner nine years

December 10 2002
A Japanese man was sentenced today to 11 years in prison by the Tokyo High Court for abducting and confining a nine-year-old girl in his home in north-western Niigata prefecture for more than nine years.
The high court's sentence was less than a lower court's ruling of 14 years.
Nobuyuki Sato's lawyers had said the lower court failed to recognise that Sato suffered a personality disorder. Prosecutors argued for the appeal to be rejected.
On January 22, the Niigata district court sentenced Sato for abducting the girl, then a fourth-grader, and for her confinement, resulting in injury.
Local health officials found and rescued the girl from Sato's home in Niigata in January 2000. She was 19-years-old at the time, having been held captive for nine years and two months.

According to the lower court ruling, Sato forced her into the trunk of his car at knifepoint on November 13, 1990, in Niigata, while she was on her way home from school.
As a result of her confinement, the girl, now 22, suffered physical injuries, such as atrophied leg muscles, and psychological injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder.


My university campus is a sprawling, green, and beautiful place. The buildings blend in with nature and there is little distinction from the countryside.

If you are walking from building to building you will walk along a sidewalk with grass and trees on both sides. But, one often not thought about difference between there and the forest surrounding, is that one cannot have a gun. And even if you were allowed to have it, you would not be allowed to discharge it within the city limits of the town which contains the university. Hunting animals of any kind is strictly forbidden with a gun, a trap, or otherwise.

Another interesting distinction between the campus and the woods is the behavior of the squirrels.

In the wooded area just off the edge of the campus, one would not be able to get within twenty meters of a squirrel without him scampering up a tree in fear. His tiny chest would be heaving quickly due to his excited state. His eyes would be darting around looking for an escape route. After all, this is the woods....this is the real world.

Not too far away, on the campus, when we walk down the sidewalk, the squirrels will walk right in front on you frolicing and playing within a half a meter from the very same species that they are terrified of just a short distance away. In fact, the squirrels even become arrogant and almost walk under your feet, almost daring you to do something.

Somehow, even with a squirrels tiny brain, even though they cannot read the laws on the books down at city hall....somehow these animals know they cannot be touched.

I find that the Japanese are just like these squirrels. They know that no matter what they do to provoke a gaijin, they will always be protected by the Japanese police or the entire corrupt, self serving, Japanese system . They know that the police only care about their constituency. they know that the officer has the same hatred for gaijin that they have. They know that the police will look down on the dark skinned races, and have a jealous complex about the whites.

Therefore a gaijin in Japan can never stand his ground no matter what a Japanese does to humiliate or provoke him. A gaijin in Japan cannot even keep his dignity under these circumstances.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

or so it is said.

We have absolutley no recourse. And while there may be a semblance of a system in place to deliver is only a facade.

I cried when I read this

An Okayama Prefecture couple were arrested Monday on charges of leaving their 2-year-old daughter to die after she suffered serious burns in a hot shower last month.
The father, Kazutoshi Aki, 39, of Tamano, told police there was no intent to kill.
But they quoted his wife, Midori, 40, as saying: "I was filling the bathtub with water. Just when I went to the kitchen to turn off the gas stove, my daughter touched the shower lever and poured hot water on herself. I thought I wouldn't mind if she died, as she was an unwanted child."
Police charged the couple with murder, saying there was conscious neglect on their part.
According to an investigation, the couple allegedly waited for more than a week before taking the child, Miho, to a hospital. The girl sustained the burns at around 11 p.m. Oct. 25.
When the couple brought Miho to a hospital in Tamano at around 5:55 p.m. Sunday, she had already died of circulatory failure from the burns, which covered her face and back, police said. The hospital subsequently alerted the police.
The child's body showed no indication of regular abuse, they said. An autopsy showed she died of septicemia, or blood poisoning.
Kazutoshi, for his part, denied any intent to kill the girl, claiming he left her in the care of his wife because she said she would seek treatment for her, police said.
Police said the Akis have five daughters, including Miho, whose father is different from the other four children.
Soon after she was born, the girl was left in the care of a welfare facility, and it was only in April that she began living with her parents again, they said, without elaborating.
A 44-year-old housewife who lives in the same neighborhood as the Akis said she had only seen the child who died three times since the spring.
"I would think a child of 2 would be outside playing a lot, but I rarely saw her," she said. "I did think it a bit odd at the time."

This kind of story would be big news in the US. There would have been an outpouring of love and flowers. There would have been a massive public outcry for the courts to seriously punish this piece of shit woman. But, here in Japan, it was forgotten about before the end of the day. I guess you have to be human in order to have human compassion.

Japanese men love to commit crimes against women

TOKYO - A 24-year-old man who confined a woman for three months in a Tokyo apartment using a collar and chain had lured two other women earlier through Internet chat rooms, police said Thursday.Yasuyoshi Kobayashi, a Hokkaido resident, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of holding the woman, aged 19, captive in the apartment after getting to know her through the Internet.He was convicted in 2003 and given a three-year prison term suspended for five years with probationary supervision for confining and injuring a woman in her 20s in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, in September 2001.Court records show Kobayashi had separately lived with four women at his home in Ebetsu around 2001 and 2002. He had gotten to know two of the four women through online chat rooms.One of the two started to live with Kobayashi after she ran away from her home in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, in November 2001, while another woman got together with him after she left her home in March 2002.Kobayashi had told the women that he was a company owner or a model when luring them via the Internet, according to the court records.On Thursday, the police searched Kobayashi's home in Sapporo, Hokkaido, in connection with the alleged confinement of the 19-year-old woman, they said.Kobayashi is suspected of luring the woman to a Tokyo hotel around March 8 last year, and then punching her in the face repeatedly and warning her not to escape.On March 12, he rented an apartment in Tokyo's Adachi Ward which he moved into with the woman. He used the collar in confining her in both the hotel room and his apartment until June 19, when she managed to escape, according to the police.Kobayashi was quoted as telling the woman, "Obey your master's orders" when tying her to a door knob of the apartment with a collar and chain used for dogs, the police said.Kobayashi, who is from Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture, had once told his acquaintances that he would have a harem after he dropped out of high school, police investigators said.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ishihara doll

Shintaro Ishihara in Tokyo's freely elected mayor(governer). He is a racist and holds the same nationalistic ideology prevalant in Japan before and during World WarII. He is representative of the mainstream opinion of Japan and is wildly popular.

After an interview with Playboy magazine, Playboy referred to him as the "devil incarnate".

The thinking of the Japanese people today is not so different from that of Japan during WWII when they marched through Asia raping women and then killing them, torturing captives, and performed live biological experiments, and vivisections on defensless captives.

One of the more famous incidents is referred to as The Rape of Nanking.

There is an excellent book about the subject by Iris Chang.

They felt it was ok to do so because they didn't, and still don't, regard any non-Japanese as a human. Therefore, their bid to the UN Security Council must never be approved.

Further, the Japanese governement should be purged and a completely new system should be put into place.

The Japanese education system also needs a massive overhaul.

Please go to this page. Click start, and then pull
the string on Ishiharas stomach like you are pulling a
baby doll string to make it talk.

Young men from Japan's elite universities have had forced sex with hundreds of women

...after joining clubs which turned them into pack rapists.The scandal was revealed with the arrest of Shinichiro Wada, ringleader of a notorious "Super Free" student club at Tokyo's prestigious Waseda University.He is alleged to have raped as many as 500 women.Wada and four other students were arrested on June 6 on suspicion of gang-raping a 20-year-old female student who attended a wild-drinking party in the seedy Roppongi night entertainment district in Tokyo.After the party, the five took about 20 female students to another pub where they made one drunk with vodka.They offered to help her outside and took her to a stairway-landing at a nearby building where they raped her in turn.Wada, who joined Waseda's politics-economic department in 1994, is accused of turning serial rape into a profitable franchise. He has been the Super Free's honorary representative since 1995 and has reportedly earned ¥10 million ($A125,000) a year.The club's main activity is to organise wild parties almost monthly at Roppongi clubs such as Velfarre, attracting up to 2000 participants each time who buy a ticket for between ¥3000-¥5000.After a mass party, members take about 100 attractive girls to another club where they ply them with alcohol.Then, the gang members select five or six drunken girls and take them to the club headquarters where they take turns raping them. The serial rapists had a manual on how to organise a party, sell tickets, sweet-talk girls and then calm them after the rapes.In order to claim the sex is consensual, they have forced the victims to smile for pictures.According to one victim, a group leader in the rape kept saying: "Hey, aren't you enjoying this? Smile. Say cheese."Junichiro Kobayashi, one of the arrested Waseda students, reportedly said to a victim's boyfriend: "Look at this picture. It was consensual."The club's targets were usually women who had come from provincial towns to Tokyo to study and were often eager to associate with elite students. According to Friday magazine, about 100 girls became victims each year.Despite this, only about 10 had reported their ordeals to police.One former club member said some girls had become pregnant and there were rumours one victim committed suicide.The Super Free extended its activities to seven other major cities such as Osaka.It has also emerged that similar student clubs operated at Keio University, Meiji University and Hosei University.After their student days, many of the young rapists were welcomed straight into Japan's top corporations. The first club leader got a job at Recruit Co.He was followed by other graduates who joined Mitsui Real Estate, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Air France, Nissho-Iwai Corp, Fujitsu Ltd, Mazuda Motor Corp and Mitsubishi Motor Corp.